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Gather is a free tablet-based mobile learning course to promote grassroots leadership for community-driven social change. Gather participants will gain the tools and insights to help all of our communities learn together and build on their assets in order to create their own solutions.

Join a community of grassroots leaders

Gather is both a mobile platform for shared learning and a curriculum for people who want to build on the talents of their neighbors and the assets of their communities to make real and lasting change. Participants in Gather learn and work together through an innovative curriculum that comes pre-loaded on a tablet device with all the connectivity, materials, videos, practices and tools necessary to provide a mobile classroom and toolkit for community leadership.

Learn with activists and community builders from around the world!

Learn to Lead

Do you believe that community leadership is not a position that one holds but rather the actions that anyone can take?

Diversity is Strength

Do you believe that diversity is a source of strength that enables deep learning and sustains action?

Global Network

Do you want to learn and work together with grassroots leaders from around the world?

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Join a global network of grassroots leaders.